Food Bottles

What are Food Bottles?

It is recommended that you use quality and reliable food product bottles to extend the shelf life of your foods and preserve their naturalness. It is very important to store and protect food products. Otherwise, the consumer may become ill when consuming these products. The functions of food bottles are as follows;

  • Food bottles protect food products from air, moisture, light and other harmful external factors, keeping them fresh for a long time.
  • It helps to transport and store food products safely.
  • Thanks to food bottles, we can easily store them at home or at work.
  • It provides an aesthetic appearance by enabling meals or beverages to be presented in a better way.
  • By preventing the food inside the food product bottles from breathing, it is prevented from spoiling and losing its freshness.

What are the Advantages of Food Bottles?

  • Food bottles are hygienic and strong. It is resistant to bacterial attacks and does not react with foods and does not spoil.
  • Compared to glass bottles, food product bottles are extremely light, unbreakable and very easy to transport. In this way, it is preferred in the packaging of many foods.
  • It is thought that reuse of food product bottles may adversely affect human health. However, such a situation is not the case. These product bottles are made of materials that are resistant to bacteria and do not degrade chemically or biologically. It has been tested by the World Health Safety and has confirmed that it will not pose any problems in the reuse of food product bottles.
  • Thanks to the brand labels and packaging of food product bottles, consumers are given detailed information about the product and their trust is gained.
  • Thanks to its recyclability, it prevents any effects that may occur on the environment.

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Food Bottles