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    Export Leader of Sector

    Export Leader of Sector
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    Always with Nature

    Always with Nature
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    Art of Packaging

    Art of Packaging
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Our Story Petek Plastik Inc.

Since its establishment, Petek Plastik has reached the highest levels of quality and hygiene standards in the plastic blowing and injection industry in line with its development goals without compromising on quality and service. Our company, which produced packaging for the cosmetics industry until 1998, made new investments to serve different sectors by preparing its infrastructure at the advanced technology level in the light of the total quality philosophy. Today, we can produce many types of packaging for the agriculture, food, medical, home and personal care products, human and veterinary drugs, lubricants and automotive sectors with the latest technologies and smart solutions such as coex (multi-layer), pe, pet, enj and IBM. has become.

As Petek Plastik A.Ş., we stand by our customers with our modern management approach brought by the age, our strong and high-quality machinery, our experienced staff and more than 35 years of experience. Our goal is to offer quality, fast, reliable and competitive products to the Turkish plastics industry in parallel with the developing technology, with a team spirit aiming for continuous development and success.

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A future vision that sets its goal from the perspective of continuous development, unchanging quality understanding and unconditional customer satisfaction...

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